Surrender: Giving Up Your Life For Jesus

For centuries the white flag has been used as a symbol of surrender. The color white indicates a desire of one side to relinquish control to the other. In the heat of battle this pure white rectangle would emerge through the smoke of gunfire signifying a ceasing of resistance and a willingness to submit to the victor.

In the Bible, we find that Jesus asks each one of us to surrender our lives to him. He calls us to wave the flag of surrender over our lives and give him total control.

Because of sin, each of us is born battling God for this control. Even though he created every living being and is clearly the superior force, we still battle him for control. In our sinful and selfish pride, we mistake God for the enemy. In doing so, we misunderstand his intentions. Yes, he wants us to wave the flag of surrender over our lives, but He doesn’t want us to surrender so that he can hold us captive. He actually wants us to surrender so that we can be free to join forces with him and work together to advance his eternal kingdom- this in fact is the purpose that God created us for in the first place. This place of surrender is not a place of defeat and bondage, but a place of peace, contentment, power, adventure, and purposefulness,

But formation of this alliance requires our complete and total surrender.

Join us as we search God’s holy word and discover how to Surrender and give up our lives for Jesus.